“I AM THE ANSWER” To My Own Success
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Who We Are

“I AM THE ANSWER” To My Own Success

The Ezekiel Ansah Foundation (EAF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization launched in 2016 by NFL star Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah.  Ziggy comes from humble beginnings in his homeland of Ghana, located in West Africa.  With hard work, dedication and support from family and friends, Ziggy was able to capitalize on an opportunity to come to the United States to further his education and pursue his athletic dreams, eventually becoming one of the most successful Defensive Ends in the National Football League.  Throughout his journey, while Ziggy has been grateful for all the opportunities that he has received, he has always known that the key to his accomplishments lie within him.  Ziggy is passionate about giving back both to the community in Ghana that gave him his foundation as well as the community he has come to love in the US.  The Ezekiel Ansah Foundation strongly believes that with the right support and opportunity, we can steer our youth on the right path and help them realize that they are, in fact, the answer to their own success.

Mission Statement:

“To create realistic opportunities for the youth in sports/education with an effort to assist them in achieving their goals and inspire the confidence to pursue their dreams”.